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and protect your organization against phishing and domain abuse

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Learn from the people that invented the technologies that makes email better

Learn the Fundamentals of SPF, DKIM, & DMARC

Understand the open-source technologies that protect your domains and improve your inbox placement

Develop a DMARC Deployment Plan

Learn how to  successfully lead your organization through a DMARC project while communicating its importance to stakeholders

Gain Visibility and Control of Your Email

Future-proof your email and take advantage of safety, privacy and security capabilities as the internet evolves


Back in 2011 I was one of the primary authors of the DMARC spec. We wanted to make email safe and secure and prevent misuse of domains. Ever since I have been helping companies set up and implement a DMARC strategy. 

The biggest challenge for me is that even after more than 10 years DMARC is not yet on the mind of every company. It also appears that in practice too few IT professionals have experience with DMARC implementation processes. That was the main reason for us to start a FREE DMARC Academy. Launched in May 2022, this first-of-its-kind curriculum was designed to make DMARC technology accessible to all---a key dmarcian principle.

We have developed specific tracks that match your ambition and also the complexity of the organization you work for or want to work for in the future. To prove to the outside world you know your way around DMARC, you will be awarded with DMARC Academy certifications upon completion.

Have fun taking a course and getting your certificate!

- Tim Draegen
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Veterans of the industry, big time operators, and the people that invented the technology that makes email better for everyone.
Founded in 2012, dmarcian is a self-funded, global B Corp, dedicated to upgrading the entire world’s email by making DMARC accessible to all. To advance this mission, dmarcian launched DMARC Academy, the first free, comprehensive DMARC curriculum, in May 2022. Two courses, DMARC Fundamentals and Deploying DMARC, share ten years of technical and program knowledge from the leaders in the space.

Our platform facilitates users in deploying DMARC, visualizing email delivery data and long-term domain management. We help domain owners large and small fight business email compromise, phishing and spoofing with superior tooling, educational resources, and expert support.

We bring together thousands of senders, vendors, and operators in a common effort to build DMARC into the email ecosystem.  We pride ourself on being a champion of DMARC and hence of “secure email” and partners with organizations such as the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), Online Trust Alliance (OTA), Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), and the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG).